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Gary Potts
Principal & Consulting CFO
ProMentor CFO, LLC

As Founder of ProMentor CFO, my passion is to help good leaders build great companies. We assist business owners, CEOs, and investors in small-to-mid sized companies break through to the next level.  There are three types of CFOs. The first focuses on accounting and tax, typically a CPA. The second is a “Wall Street” CFO who raises money and specializes in IPO or M&A.

ProMentor CFO belongs to the third category, the Operational or Strategic CFO — internally focused on building value as an inside powerhouse. As a battle-tested CFO for over 25 years, a CFO consultant for over 7 years, and CEO for a $30 million company for 6 years, I can move the needle. I’m also a sounding board for CEOs and a mentor for junior financial staff to prepare them for bigger responsibilities.

Here is my track record: As a CFO for a startup computer company, our team grew annual revenue from $2 to $60 million over 7 years, and posted record sales and profits over 16 consecutive quarters. We shared a winning vision, motivated each other, sold the business at its peak, and became life long friends.  

I helped a startup company raise their first venture capital money, and they went on to be a huge success worth over $2 billion market capitalization, trading on NASDAQ today.

After working as both COO and CFO at another technology company, I was promoted to CEO. I led the company through a management buyout from its Japanese parent, moved manufacturing from Japan to California, and retained high profile customers.

As one of the top consulting CFOs at a Silicon Valley firm for over 6 years, I guided a number of early-stage companies. I managed a $400 million private equity spin-out of a business unit to a strategic buyer.  I wrote a 40-page “CFO Best Practices Guide” used by two leading venture capital firms as a resource for CFOs of their portfolio companies.

I helped a CTO  form a wholly-owned subsidiary in India and hire 50 local software engineers in 18 months. I was recognized as the “most valuable corporate resource.”

Most recently I was the CFO for  6.5 years at a leading residential HVAC company, playing a vital role in transforming a family business to a professionally managed company.  Revenue scaled up organically by 250% during my tenure.  We posted 20% annual growth for 4 consecutive years while expanding service areas from 2 to 5 locations in California.

I can save a company growing pains, time and money, with the wisdom gained from both success and “the school of hard knocks”. Building a company parallels one of the proudest moments in my personal life.  While walking my daughter down the aisle, I recalled her growth from a premature baby to a wonderful young woman.  The joy and fulfillment is in the process over time. If given a choice of winning a $10 million lottery, or creating $1 million by my own hands, I will take the $1 million every time. 

The four pillars of our value proposition:

(1) Financial Guidance   (2) Strategic Planning   (3) Process Improvement   (4) Mentorship

The four pillars of our value proposition:

(1) Financial Guidance
(2) Strategic Planning
(3) Process Improvement
(4) Mentorship

ProMentor CFO’s Four Pillars

(1)  Financial Guidance:

  • Raise venture capital, private equity, bank loans and asset-based debt financing as life blood for a growing business.
  • Track daily, monthly and quarterly expense and cash flow.
  • Provide deal support for buy or sell-side M&A, startups, strategic partnering and joint ventures.

(2) Strategic Planning:

  • Identify the most and least profitable products and activities. Evaluate strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Setup key milestones and deliverables to hit long term goals.
  • Lead annual budgeting and business planning.

(3) Process Improvement:

  • Simplify complex data, spot key patterns and issues, analyze and extract important info for CEOs.
  • Track the right KPIs (key performance indicators)  and provide new insights for decision-making.
  • Negotiate key business contracts.
  • Coordinate accounting, internal controls, reporting, HR, and SEC compliance.

(4) Mentorship:

  • Coach young people to think long term, and independently.
  • Being unbiased, approachable, fact-based and transparent, respectful regardless of rank/position. Improve collaboration.
  • I listen to diverse points of view, with high EQ  and great people skills. Display ethical behavior and lead by example.

These four pillars can help you transform your business and accelerate growth, as your team member, financial guide and trusted advisor. ProMentor can serve you on a part-time, full time, retainer, or interim basis. Call (510) 334-9950 or email  Gary@ProMentorCFO.com, or visit our website: www.ProMentorCFO.com. Thank you!

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